Service Line Strategy

Women's Services

Meeting the healthcare needs of women throughout their lives requires a comprehensive, coordinated, and contemporary approach.

Women's Services

Building a successful women’s healthcare service line requires comprehensive and highly evolved core functions that support subspecialties as well as programmatic and clinical needs tailored to the different stages of a woman’s life—from gynecology, obstetrics, and postpartum care to oncology, pain management, breast and bone health, and beyond. Providers and health systems that deliver a consumer-friendly and patient-centric approach are more likely to maintain a connection with women throughout their lives—ultimately becoming the go-to provider for a woman and her entire family.

Achieving the organizational sophistication necessary to fully support female patients requires an equally sophisticated business planning framework. To create and sustain a successful plan, organizations must consider medical workforce planning, facility and technology investments, and service line structure. Each of these planning considerations is multifaceted and includes a variety of elements that have far-reaching implications. A proactive approach, customized to an organization’s unique situation, is the only way to be successful and meet the needs of women.

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Women's Services

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Top 10 Strategic Drivers for Women’s Healthcare

Private equity and investment funding for women’s health totaled $1.3 billion in 2021, underlining a widespread interest in revolutionizing how, when, and where women receive care.


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