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When you need valuation services, you want a firm that can do more than proclaim its expertise. Our body of work speaks for itself.

The economics of healthcare are quickly changing. The evolving laws and regulations governing hospital/physician relationships require financial arrangements to reflect these changes and stand up to greater scrutiny. This creates a complex web of factors that must be considered when entering into financial arrangements - and health systems and providers are finding more questions than answers.

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Our knowledge and expertise in providing consultative valuation services is, frankly, unmatched. ECG's valuation project teams include not only healthcare valuation professionals, but also individuals with national reputations and decades of practical experience in healthcare operations, finance, strategy, technology, and regulatory compliance.

We have the technical competence and expertise you want from a third-party adviser, as well as the understanding of the client perspective. Most importantly, the objective view we take in analyzing these arrangements facilitates execution of deals that meet your business and regulatory requirements.

The valuation services we offer include:

  • Developing and assessing hospital/physician call coverage arrangements
  • Analyzing compensation arrangements for hospital-employed physicians
  • Conducting FMV assessments of financial arrangements between hospitals and hospital-based specialists (e.g., anesthesiology, radiology, pathology, emergency medicine, hospitalist medicine)
  • Providing FMV assessments of hospital/physician joint venture and leasing arrangements
  • Reviewing Professional Services Agreements

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