Provider Compensation Planning

Compensation planning is a delicate issue that can galvanize or fracture a health organization. So there is little margin for error when designing provider compensation plans.

Compensation is personal, for both providers and administrators, so it's no surprise that discussions about compensation planning are often complex and contentious. Yet when these conversations are facilitated properly and compensation plans are designed well, it is a powerful catalyst for rallying providers around shared goals of improving quality, productivity, and the overall patient experience.

2021 Klas

Healthcare reimbursement models are transitioning from volume to value, and organizations are pursuing greater clinical and financial integration with physician partners. How health systems choose to respond to this transition and the compensation models they employ will significantly affect their ability to recruit and retain high-quality providers, align behaviors with organizational strategy, and ultimately thrive in a value-based world.

Our rich experience, combined with our proprietary research and benchmarking tools, uniquely positions ECG as the industry leader in compensation planning and incentive design. We possess the political sensitivity and technical skill to design plans that are embraced by providers, while our methodology ensures that the arrangements we propose are representative of your organization's culture, values, and business strategy.

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