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Orthopedics has been a frontrunner in the healthcare transformation, steadily pushing the boundaries of technology, care delivery, and reimbursement, and moving the industry toward value-based care.


Orthopedic service lines have long been at the forefront of the healthcare transformation. New technology and advanced surgical techniques have allowed for less-invasive procedures and a wider range of treatment options, allowing providers to expand service offerings to a broader patient population. At the same time, these advances have prompted the migration of many surgical cases to move from high-cost inpatient hospital settings to lower-cost ambulatory surgical centers where patients can get high-quality care in a more patient-friendly setting.

Regardless of the type of healthcare provider organization, advancements in orthopedic services offer both opportunities and challenges. Health systems and hospitals are faced with the reality of high-volume, high-revenue cases leaving their ORs. While this is unnerving, it also represents opportunities for strategic alignment with surgical groups and expanded service offerings. ASCs are the beneficiaries of this surgical migration but face challenges of scale, operational optimization, and organizational alignment. To make the most of these opportunities and mitigate potential risks, healthcare providers must take a proactive approach to their orthopedic services.

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Developing a Modern Orthopedic Destination Program

As orthopedic surgical cases move to outpatient and ambulatory sites of care, hospitals risk losing surgical volume, revenue, and surgeons, Discover what it means to be a true destination for care in the new era.


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