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Ongoing pressures, intensified by COVID-19, are forcing oncology providers to transform existing cancer care models.


Oncology is a unique and dynamic segment of the US healthcare system. The complexity of the associated diseases, pace of innovation, and myriad treatment options can leave providers struggling to keep up. This clinical and technological innovation comes at a cost, approaching $100 billion annually; as a result, affordability has become a major concern for patients, legislators, and providers alike.

Oncology providers are under pressure to find cost-control measures that ensure patients can afford the care they need while keeping cancer programs financially viable. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has intensified these issues, exposing flaws in the current operating model and accelerating innovation efforts. Oncology providers have significant challenges to overcome as they adapt business and operational practices in search of long-term sustainability.

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Mandatory CMS Radiation Oncology Model Delayed Again

Congress further delayed the Radiation Oncology (RO) Model, which is now expected to begin January 1, 2022. Participants can use this extra time to their advantage.


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