Speech Getting to Total Brain Health: The Role of Innovation and Technology

Getting to Total Brain Health: The Role of Innovation and Technology

ECG’s Dr. Nick van Terheyden will be speaking at the upcoming VA NAII Brain Summit 2022, in Washington, D.C.

Healthcare has seen the rise of technology and innovation that has brought amazing progress to the delivery of high-quality, economical care. But with the rise in technology, we have seen a corresponding rise in inequality and failure in many areas of the delivery of healthcare services, none more so than mental health services.

The rising inequality and inequity were further amplified when the world succumbed to the recent pandemic, which not only shone a spotlight on but further amplified access problems. Without many of these innovations, including flexible solutions that helped mitigate and increase access to mental health services, the pandemic experience would have created even more negative outcomes. But these innovations came with additional challenges and remain at risk as they may yet be relegated back to the penalty box of politics and legislative restrictions.

This presentation will explore the current and future state of mental and behavioral health services and the associated burgeoning technologies. What opportunities and pitfalls lie ahead in applying innovation to advance the available treatment options, to deliver them economically and effectively to the broadest number of people?