Enterprise Strategy

ECG has conducted 250 enterprise-level strategy engagements and forged lasting advisory relationships with the nation’s top healthcare providers.

More than ever before, enterprise strategy must balance long-term direction with the agility to adapt to near-term opportunities and market changes. Whether it's strategically aligning the components of an academic health center, connecting a community health system with physician entities, or creating a plan focused on helping a freestanding hospital stay independent, our enterprise strategic plans serve as road maps for transformation to value-based care.

2021 Klas

When clients are asked about our work, they talk about how we helped them head in a new direction. They talk about implementable strategies and results, not just ideas. They talk about the value of having experts join them at the table to examine the most pressing challenges their organization has ever faced and achieve consensus on a new path forward.

Helping providers design strategies that drive alignment and unity across the enterprise, while being sustainable, scalable, and adaptable, is what we do every day, and the stakes have never been higher. After all, high-quality, cost-effective care only occurs when affiliates of a healthcare enterprise are pulling in the same direction under a common set of goals and objectives.

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