Consumer Engagement & Access to Care

To improve patient access, health systems and provider organizations must think beyond traditional care models and adopt innovative strategies in redesigning how, when, and where care is delivered.

Access to healthcare is the bedrock of a healthy population. Yet actually
providing readily accessible care to the entire population is a goal that
continues to elude health systems and provider groups. Adequately addressing the health of the population requires healthcare providers and organizations to proactively reexamine their care delivery strategies and embrace new approaches for expanding access.

As patients demand seamless access to care, and value-based care and population health initiatives mandate greater patient-provider engagement, we work closely with organizations across the country in designing and implementing innovative patient access strategies. By focusing on care model innovation, operational improvement in care delivery, technology enablers, and virtual platforms, our team helps to create and enact strategies that allow provider groups to:

  • Retain patients within the network.
  • Expand market reach.
  • Increase patient engagement and clinical adherence.
  • Lower the total cost of care.
  • Improve clinical and operational performance.

Patients' health needs and expectations are evolving—and so too must the ways that organizations deliver care. Our expertise and experience allow us to help you better meet the needs of the population and the goals of your organization.

ECG’s consumer engagement and access services include:

  • Consumer engagement operating model design.
  • Physician schedule optimization and capacity management.
  • Network referral management.
  • Contact center design and optimization.
  • Centralized services organization across the health system.

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