Ambulatory & Service Line Performance Improvement

Positioning providers for future growth with the right infrastructure, operations, and consumer solutions.

Ambulatory care networks face an immense challenge in keeping up with the demands of today's healthcare environment. Long-term payer trends and changing reimbursement structures have pushed patient care to lower-cost settings, and consumer demands are driving a comprehensive and necessary redesign of how care is accessed and delivered.

Attempting to do more with less while maintaining strong operational and financial performance is a challenge that ECG understands. Our strategy, clinical operations, finance, and IT experts have firsthand experience with the specific issues ambulatory networks face. Whether a comprehensive overhaul or a targeted triage, we’ll mobilize our team of experts to examine your network and ensure your operations, revenue cycle, and EHR platforms help you deliver the right care at the right time by the right team.

ECG’s ambulatory and service line performance improvement services include:

  • Opportunity assessment.
  • Care model transformation.
  • Patient access.
  • Revenue cycle optimization.
  • Digital health.

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