ECG partners with providers to create the strategies and solutions
that are transforming healthcare delivery.

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No cookie-cutter deliverables here. We partner with each of our clients to develop innovative, yet practical, solutions.

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ECG is the sum of its people. Ours happen to be the best in the industry.

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With 9 locations (and counting), we bring a deep knowledge of local and regional markets to our client engagements.

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CASA 2022 Annual Conference and Exhibits

Join Naya Kehayes, Catherine Ruppe, Amy Coletti, Margo Marsh-Limm, and Bryce Miller at the upcoming California Ambulatory Surgery Association 2022 Annual Conference and Exhibits in Indian Wells, California.

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Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo

Join Jeff Hoffman, Kyrsten Johnson, Rich Clough, David Nienhueser, Scott Burns, and Joe Moroni at the upcoming Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo in Long Beach, California.

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Visit our press center to learn more about obtaining expert commentary, speakers for your event, or to get the latest news on ECG through our press releases.

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